Wallace Harrison Estate and Personal Summer Estate on Long Island

A few months ago, I got asked to photograph a new house that was about to hit the sales market. I didn’t know much about this house beforehand, but upon arrival, I realized this was something special.

After speaking with the homeowners, I discovered that not only was this house designed by Wallace Harrison, but this very house was in fact his personal summer home. Wallace Harrison was a world-renown architect whose design credits include The Time Life Building, Rockefeller Center, Lincoln Center and The UN Building, among others. Wallace was very into shapes and circles (as evident in his home design) and it is said his living room was inspiration for the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center.

In 1929 Wallace purchased 85 acres of land on Long Island. He eventually sold off most of it but used the remaining parcel to build this home where he would vacation with Nelson Rockefeller, Robert Moses, Chaggall and others.

There is so much more to learn about this beautiful home so I invite you to read a more in depth article here:


As a New Yorker, it was truly an honor to be able to photograph the personal home of the man who played such an influential role in the modern day NYC skyline and architecture.

Enjoy a collection of my favorite images from this shoot.

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