Shoot for a NYC Penthouse – Architectural and Design Masterpiece

A few months ago, a colleague of mine out of MN, Jordan Powers, was coming to visit NY for work for a few days. Through connections, we was able to get access to a beautiful new penthouse that was on the market in Hudson Yards, overlooking the Hudson River. He invited me to come along for the shoot.

They only gave us access to the space for about 30 minutes and Jordan and I completed in a fun exercise: split up for 30 minutes, each of us do our own thing, and see what we come up with. This space, at 508 West 24th Street, was a architectural masterpiece with floor to ceiling windows, a balcony overlooking the living room area, and a patio overlooking the Hudson River.

This was truly a thrill to photograph this space and I have shared some of my favorites from the shoot below.

Developer: Tamarkin Co.
Design Architect: CT Architect
Architect of Record: GHWA

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