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Shoot for New Gucci Store Redesign at Americana Manhasset Mall on Long Island

Back in January of this year (2019) Gucci reached out to me about the opening of their newly redesigned store At the Americana Manhasset mall out on Long Island. Gucci, at the time, had recently brought on a new interior designer who was tasked with remodeling all the store. They had recently completed the design of the Manhasset store and were in need of interior design photography to send back to corporate in Milan.

This turned out to be an incredible and fun shoot. The large nature of the space and limited natural light forced me to rely heavily on off-camera flash, which I do not often use. I got to spend a half a day in the new store (before it opened 🙂 ) and it was a blast. The design was incredible with all the different colors and textures and I knew how imperative it would be to Gucci Corporate that the photos emulated those colors and textures properly.

I ended up shooting eight photos but the photos below turned out to be my favorites and the ones Gucci used. They loved them so much that they brought me back to shoot their new customer service headquarters in Jersey City, NJ; again to photograph the design of the new space. I will post those images at a later time, but for now, enjoy this small set!

Gucci Americana Manhasset2.jpg

Gucci Americana Manhasset1.jpg

Gucci Americana Manhasset3.jpg

Gucci Americana Manhasset4.jpg

Gucci Americana Manhasset5.jpg

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