Architectural & Design Video for Westbuilt’s Hutong Restaurant Project

Last year, I got to spend 6 months capturing the build of the new Hutong Restaurant in NYC. This was a project taken on by Wesbuilt, a construction company, based in NYC which specializes in commercial construction. They were in the midst of a huge project, and they brought me on to help capture it.

Hutong took over the old Le Cirque restaurant space and it presented many challenges. Not only was this space huge, but it was also in the Bloomberg building, directly underneath Bloomberg Studios. Construction noise presented a huge problem for the studio above, but Wesbuilt was able to overcome it.

They had me come out several times over the course of 6 months, to shoot construction progress. It was truly exciting seeing this space come together. Once the space was finally finished, we gathered some of the principles of the project together to have them talk about the building process and obstacles they had to overcome.

This was a fun and exciting project to work on and Im happy to share the final video!